Friday, March 14, 2014

Medical Internship in South Africa: Survival Tools

So much has happened since I last posted. I'm not going to write a whole long story explaining why I got over blogging and why I'm posting today. I've just been thinking of my blog quite a bit lately and had so many ideas of things I wanted to post and share.

So before I do here's a quick update since we last met:

1. I'm no longer a Medstudent Barbie, I'm now all grown up and a qualified doctor. Although, you don't really stop learning in Medicine and my shoe collection has grown substantially since the salary hike so I guess I'll always be a MB at heart.

2. I moved to Cape Town into a beautiful apartment that overlooks the mountain and city bowl (there's some sea in there too) with my sister.

3. I have a boyfriend, he's a surgeon. We'll call him Mr S for privacy sake.

4. Next to decide: do I make a new blog with a new name or keep going here?

So how's internship going? Well it has its ups and downs (sometimes more downs) so I decided to start with a series of posts on things that have helped me survive so far. Let's start with what might be the number one survival tool, pretty much the flint and steel of a junior doctor:

An iPad Air.

Ok any tablet will do but I love the Air, it's really light which as an intern is important. You don't sit, you never sit, so you've got to have something light enough to keep in you bag or underarm that won't weigh you down. I don't know how I survived the beginning of internship without one!

App of the day:


  • Stored with all my favorite Movies, Rentals, TV Programs and Music Videos from iTunes. That's why anything smaller than the Air won't do as you need a nice enough sized screen to watch videos. This was the deciding factor when choosing between the Air and Mini.
  • Use: When on call and bored with nothing to do but wait for patients or having a dinner break & wanting a bit of an escape.

Currently I'm watching:

Similar winning apps I keep in my Entertainment bubble:
  • DStv
  • Netflix*
  • Disney Movies*
  • You Tube

*Click here to learn how to watch netflix in South Africa

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  1. Hi there welcome back, first of all congratulations!! I love your blog, I am a medical student from the caribbean and I am going into my final year, I know you are way past this point,but I was wondering if you have any tips that could help out?


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